Sunday, 7 August 2016

How to Get the Best Laser Treatment

 Laser Cosmetic Surgery

Are you looking for a medical procedure that enhances your looks? Dr. Roy Chio, a cosmetic laser surgeon, recommends laser surgery. This type of surgery uses laser light to remove diseased tissues, wrinkles, skin burns, and warts.

Lasers are devices that emit highly powered and focused light radiation in a single wavelength such as red light or blue light.The light beam color to be used depends on the type of surgery to be carried out, and the tissue's color. Below are the various types of laser cosmetic surgeries.

1) Laser Skin Resurfacing - Cosmetic laser surgery is used to reduce wrinkles close to the eyes, lip and general face. Lasers also remove blemishes facial hair, and unwanted facial color.

2) Removal of Abnormal Skin Growth or Appearance

Laser surgeons can remove abnormal blood vessels that cause Port Wine birthmarks during cosmetic surgery. Tattoos, facial warts can be treated by laser surgery too.

Since facial surgeons use the least laser beam intensity, some growths take more than one treatment to complete. You should, therefore, consult your doctor on the best type of laser treatment; for example, one of the best surgeons to seek advice from is Dr. Roy Chio, who also offers outpatient services.

3) Laser Hair Transplants - Cosmetic surgery surgeons use lasers to prepare areas to plant the hair.

4) New Lasers - New types of lasers are coming up nowadays; it is best to ask about any latest developments that might be suitable for your skin. Your skin might require special care when undergoing Laser treatment.

What to Look For

1) Your surgeon should explain his laser choice and its advantages. Just like other surgeries, laser surgery has its limitations and benefits.

2) Before surgery, the area to be treated is numbed using anesthetic. Dr. Chio can advise you on the best laser surgery treatment as well as the safety precautions to take. Remember that any surgery is a delicate procedure.

Side Effects of Laser Surgery

1) Skin redness and swelling might occur. Dr. Roy Chio advises that you use antibiotic ointments. Follow all the post laser surgery advice of a surgeon. That includes keeping away from the sun or using sun blocks.

2) Side effects of laser treatment for vascular deformities may take more than a month to occur, although that is unlikely. Dr. Chio may advise you whether you need more than one session and how long each one will take.


Laser surgery done purely for cosmetic reasons may not be covered by your insurance. You should check with your insurance provider on what they cover in laser surgery. Many people prefer laser surgery because it is non-invasive, and you do not need to take a day off from work to heal after surgery.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Why Aesthetics And Laser/IPL Technologies Treatments Are Popular

Innovation has taken a different course and treatment methods have been revolutionized. Medical aesthetic treatments have now been popularized in anti-ageing clinics. The medical cosmetic treatments include Laser/IPL technology treatments, which are in high demand and clients look for effective ways to maintain their youthful appearance and boost their self-esteem. Here is why these treatments are now becoming popular.


Aesthetic laser treatments are also becoming popular especially at an earlier age to help prevent the appearance of scarring and aging. Prevention is better than cure and patients are interested in keeping their skin in the best condition before the signs of sun damage or aging begin to worsen and become noticeable. Patients are advised to speak to an aesthetician to understand the different ways to keep their skin looking healthy with the treatments best suited for them.


This is also the other reason that makes this type of treatment popular. People are looking for pain free treatments that give great results. Laser treatments and other medical aesthetic treatments are relatively pain-free as compared to other methods. Unlike cosmetic surgical procedures, they are non-invasive. Patients don’t have to undergo any painful or down time recovery. Aesthetic treatments are the most preferred because they also provide long lasting effects. This means that you can enjoy a smooth looking skin free of wrinkles, blemishes and hair for long between treatments. In fact, paying a visit at recognized facilities like Roy Chio Clinic may assure you permanent results.

Demand for Cosmetic Treatments

Every day, more and more clients are seeking cosmetic treatments so that they can retain their youthful looks. People of all genders are more interested in discovering and understanding the treatments available from basics such as microdermabrasion to the more advanced laser and IPL technologies. Clients demand for a solution to rid themselves of scarring, acne and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. There are endless possibilities clients stand to benefit from the latest laser cosmetic surgeries.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Laser Cosmetic Surgery – What to Expect after a Facial Surgery

Facial cosmetic surgery is surgery done to enhance the appearance of a patient. This surgery can be done on different parts of the body, but for the sake of this article we will limit our discussion to the face. It is important to know that while this process is aimed at improving the aesthetics of the face, there are side effects associated with it.

Side Effects of Facial Cosmetic Surgery

For some cases, these effects are permanent and for other cases temporary. Here are some the following side effects which one can encounter during or after surgery;

1. Changes in skin Pigmentation

Of course it’s not everybody’s skin that is well suitable for laser or facial cosmetic surgery. This can only be good on people who have a lighter skin tone and not on those on a darker skin tones. This does not totally give hope to those with lighter skin tones because both can as well encounter a risk of hypo pigmentation (lightening of the skin) or hyper pigmentation (that’s darkening of the skin).

2. Pain

The kind of pain one can encounter during a facial surgery is sometimes unimaginable. Stuff like anesthetics are usually applied before the surgery is taken place which helps to minimize pains as it could. After the surgery, there are possibilities of experiencing pains again. This leads to giving you pain pills by the doctors in order to calm you down.

3. Sensitivity of the sun

Your face becomes sensitive to the sun after performing a facial cosmetic surgery. After this surgery is done on your face, it is important for you to stay out of the sun during the peak hours and/or get yourself covered with sunscreen protection. If this is ignored, you are likely to encounter skin damages.

4. Bruising

This is yet another side effect of facial cosmetic surgery. There is a tendency to experience bruises in the face after the surgery. Usually some purple spots surrounding the face and containing vessels. However, for most cases these bruise fade up on their own.

5. Loss of fat

The facial surgery encounters loss of fats which is more common with radiofrequency treatments such as Thermage. This is because radiofrequency restricts cells that help to build up fats.

6. Infections

This is actually not a common side effect, but this does not prevent it from happening; especially when the surgery is been performed with some kinds of invasive cosmetic laser procedures. To prevent the infections from occurring, doctors may give out some antibiotics creams and sometimes pills to help prevent infections

It is of utmost importance that you choose your specialist and also the surgery center carefully to minimize the side effects that come with a cosmetic facial surgery. A perfect recommendation of a center for facial surgery is the Dr. Choi Aesthetic Centre.